5D Construction can effectively oversee and manage every stage of your new home build, whether a large single house project or a multi-unit scheme.


New Build

windmill-park new build estate

5D Construction can effectively oversee and manage every stage of your new home build, whether a large single house project or a multi-unit scheme. Often involved at design stage, our experienced team can offer direction and advice on all areas of the scheme, identifying value engineering solutions and different methods of construction. Each scheme is allocated a dedicated and proficient Site Manager and, along with the Developer, we scrutinise the available information and perform a gap analysis on critical information.

Considerations include:

  • Primary access to the site and build sequence of the scheme
  • Method of construction (substructure and superstructure)
  • External finishes (incl. availability of proposed materials)
  • Below ground drainage solutions (especially storm water/SUDS solutions)
  • Achievable construction programme incl. key milestones
  • H&S considerations and legislation

Involving the necessary regulatory bodies from Day 1 such as Building Control, Local Authority Departments (e.g. highways) and a New Home Warranty Provider, 5D Construction ensure that every aspect of a major project is given due attention. Regularly measuring the project against key deliverables such as “Time, Cost and Quality” we work closely with the Developer to ensure the completed product exceeds expectations and succeeds in every way.



Due to the experience of both Directors, refurbishments have become a speciality of ours. Former projects we’ve worked on include a major refurb of a 19th century, Grade II* Listed hospital in Exminster and the prestigious, multi RIBA award-winning, Mills Bakery at Royal William Yard, Plymouth. In both instances the buildings were converted into high spec residential apartments with the RWY also containing some commercial spaces.

With our offices based in the former Royal Naval Hospital facility in The Millfields, we remain actively involved with several conversion projects of the Grade II* buildings for various clients. 2017 saw us complete the conversion of an existing commercial space into 4 luxury apartments in Pryn Court for our group member, 5D Solutions, details of which can be found in the Projects section.

Affordable & Social Housing

affordable housing

Consented developments containing multiple new residential dwellings often carry with them the covenant to provide affordable housing. Affordable housing is defined as social rented, affordable rented and intermediate housing, provided to eligible households whose needs are not met by the market.

As part of the planning conditions, the Developer signs up to a contract with an approved provider (most often a registered Housing Association) to provide a certain number of affordable or social units by a certain date or dates and to a prescribed standard. There is often a mis-belief that affordable homes are built to a “lesser” standard than their comparable open-market models – this is not the case and in recent years the specification for these dwellings can often be more exhaustive than their privately sold counterparts.

5D Construction knows how important the delivery of affordable housing is to the success of a development and our QA systems provide a comprehensive paper-trail that Housing Associations often demand. In conjunction with the client we agree achievable dates, milestones and key performance indicators (KPI’s) and then monitor progress against these.


infrastructure infrastructure

All Developers like to see shiny new homes being built on their sites…but there’s a whole host of packages that need to be dealt with before, during and after the houses are built to ensure a successful project.

At 5D Construction we understand the importance of planning, detail and practicality when it comes to the infrastructure elements of a project. Statutory authorities, long lead times and a never-ending library of “industry standards” awaits every development, not to mention all the nasty surprises that are so often encountered before a project “gets out of the ground”. That’s why we approach every scheme hoping for the best but planning for the worst. It’s an ethos that has put us in good stead – early warning of any issue helps to mitigate its impact on project delivery and budget.

Supported by the project professional team, 5D Construction liaises with all relevant authorities and companies at the earliest opportunity in order to instigate, organise, order and manage:

  • Roads (adoptable and private standard)
  • Mains services (water, electric, gas, BT, etc)
  • Surface water and foul drainage solutions
  • Storm water attenuation
  • Packaged sewage pumping stations

If you would like any more information on our services, please contact us.